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Every Occasion

Kids to Corporate                  Close-up to Stage

A Magic Show just for You

Children and Family

These programs are interactive

and designed specifically for children

and family.  Every magic routine

from  props to  dialogue is  designed to

amaze and entertain mystery-loving

people from 5 to 85.

Our children and family shows are normally performed in schools, churches, daycares, birthday

parties, restaurants, family reunions and fairs and festivals.

Some events may include balloon sculptures  for the children.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are more sophisticated

 entertainment including dinner parties,

adult company parties and New Year's Eve

parties.  Please don't confuse the word

"adult" with something less than proper. 

These events simply take the magic to a

higher level.  This magic is designed to

make the mature audience question reality.  To believe in that brief moment or maybe longer that magic is real because they have just seen the impossible.   There is no other option.  It must be magic.

These events are fun, interactive, defy logic and in some moments extremely humorous.  It will be an event that your company or organization will never forget.

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